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Military Man Regains his Life

Issue: Severe Trauma
My life contains all the normal stressors; bills, house projects, work, spouse, child, family obligations, etc. In addition, I am also an active military reservist and an Iraqi veteran. I have been in the military since 1988, serving on both active duty and reserves. Since returning from Iraq in April 2004, I have been extremely stressed, hyper-vigilant, anxious and easily set-off to explosive anger. My newfound emotions left my family unhappy, friends confused and work questioning my...
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Reinventing Myself with Brainwave Optimization

Issues: Anxiety, Writers Block
After I did 10 brainwave optimization sessions, I slowly began changing into the person that I always wanted to be. Balanced brainwaves may be the ultimate secret of success because when your brain affects everything that you do, from your senses to the control of reasoning, attention, and memory....
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An Unavoidable Inheritance

The Spring 2012 issue of Brain World contained an article discussing traumatic brain injuries and the applicability of Brainwave Optimization™ to aiding in healing....
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Wynonna & Naomi – Recovering Entertainers

When Wynonna Judd walked in the conference room at Brain State Technologies, her smile lit up the room. Although she has more gold and platinum records than she can count and an impressive list of awards, Wynonna doesn’t come across as a big music star but rather as a lovely and friendly woman willing to share her experience in order to help others. In this interview with Recovery Living Magazine, Wynonna recounts her experiences with Brainwave Optimization™. Read the full...
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