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Hockey’s Kurt Sauer uses his brain to triumph over head injury

Phoenix Coyotes’ Kurt Sauer hasn’t played hockey since he was injured in 2009. After nearly two years of searching for solutions for headaches, pain, vision and sleep problems, Kurt discovered Brainwave Optimization™ – an advanced neuro-technology that is helping athletes and others get relief from concussions, trauma and addictions....
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This Technology Has Changed my Life

Issues: Sleep Issues, Focus, Sports Performance
Brainwave Optimization is absolutely amazing technology and Mary at Awoken Life enhances the experience with her knowledge and ability to customize a program for you and your unique needs. After my optimization, I have more focus, I sleep so much better that I am no longer dragging for the first hour of every day, I recover from workouts more quickly, and I am able to roll through the challenges of life in minutes versus...
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Speed Soars after Brainwave Optimization

Issue: Sports Performance
"I wish to thank you all. I now realize what you did for me. I recently competed in the California 70.3 Ironman in Oceanside. I had done four triathlons, but this was my first Ironman (half). It was a cold and rainy morning on March 18th. I drove out Friday for the 6 a.m. race Saturday. I felt comfortable, confident and trusted my training. Back to the race. I finished in 5:52. I did a quarter Ironman...
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