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Our Family is in Harmony Now

Issues: Lack of Focus, Sleep Issues
Brain Optimization has changed Jesse's life and our entire family! Since he was 5 yrs old he has taken medication for lack of focus, sedated him for school and would bring him down, depressed, angry, frustrated, he couldn't sleep at night, which made it hell in the morning trying to wake him up to do it all over again.. Brain Optimization has greatly reduced all of the negative issues and only brought positive into...
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This Technology Has Changed my Life

Issues: Sleep Issues, Focus, Sports Performance
Brainwave Optimization is absolutely amazing technology and Mary at Awoken Life enhances the experience with her knowledge and ability to customize a program for you and your unique needs. After my optimization, I have more focus, I sleep so much better that I am no longer dragging for the first hour of every day, I recover from workouts more quickly, and I am able to roll through the challenges of life in minutes versus...
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A God-Send

Issues: Sleep Issues, Anxiousness
The Brainwave Optimization for me was a God send. The process the week of my sessions were so soothing as if my brain was getting a massage and clearing all the stress and anxiousness that was built up holding me back from moving forward with my life. The experience has changed my life in a way that is difficult to put into words. I sleep through the night, not longer with thoughts and worries keeping me...
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Awoken Life ‘Rocked my World’

Issue: Severe Traumas, Sleep Issues
I had been suffering from severe traumas for seven years. Since having Brainwave Optimization, I have been so inspired to help other women all over the world, that I have started my on non-profit to work with women who are suffering from severe traumas....
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A Walking, Talking Advertisement

Issues: Trauma, Anger Issues, Anxiousness, bowel issues, Sleep Issues
Before doing my sessions I suffered from trauma, anger issues, anxiousness, sleep issues, always felt "stuck", and had severe bowel issues....
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