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This was a Miracle for Us

Issues: Sleep Issues, Nausea, Anxiousness
Each day has been more and more progressive. This treatment has given my son and all of us a new hope. My son looks happy again and we are all so thankful!...
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I See Results Weekly

Issues: Sleep Issues, Anxiousness
It has been 11 months since I experienced Brain Wave Optimization and I can say I see results weekly. I have a better memory and I am just more focused and clear in my daily life. This does work and you are a wonderful person who truly cares for her patients. Thank you again....
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Amy Grant uses Brainwave Optimization™ as a ‘Stress-Buster’

In the July 22nd, 2013 issue of First for Women magazine, Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Amy Grant shares her top “stress-busters”. In the article, Ms. Grant discusses how Brainwave Optimization™ helped her overcome stress and depression. She also discusses giving the gift of Brainwave Optimization™ to an disabled veteran suffering from PTSD. “I’ve contacted the Red Cross and said, ‘Please use this non-invasive therapy.’” She adds, “I think it’s incredibly helpful.” Read the full article here: ...
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Mary’s Testimonial

Introduction to Awoke Life Video
This video contains the personal testimonial of the founder of Awoken Life about her experiences with Brainwave Optimization™. In it, she details how Brainwave Optimization™ helped her and led her to found Awoken Life in order to bring this technology to help others....
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My Life Makes more Sense than Ever

Issues: Sleep Issues, Sadness
As someone who has been traumatized repeatedly over her life, emotionally, physically and through a drug addiction I never thought that I would fully recover and let go of my past. I was initially introduced to brain optimization from a family member and started to research it because there was no way that I was going to do something to my brain without analyzing and feeling comfortable about the process. After my research and actually seeing...
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