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The Old Penny is Back!

Issues: Repetitive Thinking, Sadness
"The old Penny is back!" Two longtime friends from separate parts of my life said this recently. "There's a day and night difference!" our three adult kids have said of their own accord. "You're so much calmer, so centered," I'm hearing. And I'm thinking so much more clearly. What a blessing! The depression, anxiety, OCD and ADD are virtually gone. I'm completely off my three powerful "head-meds" of 19 years, and have stopped taking my strong prescription...
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I Now Live in a State of Reality

Issues: Sadness
The best part of this process was to be able to bring myself to a calm state and focus on me and smooth me over. I have been able to manage my high anxiousness through the visualizations. I would highly recommend this to anyone. This technology may seem odd, but the more you look at it and understand it, the more it makes sense. If the brain is out of balance, how can it...
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Amy Grant uses Brainwave Optimization™ as a ‘Stress-Buster’

In the July 22nd, 2013 issue of First for Women magazine, Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Amy Grant shares her top “stress-busters”. In the article, Ms. Grant discusses how Brainwave Optimization™ helped her overcome stress and depression. She also discusses giving the gift of Brainwave Optimization™ to an disabled veteran suffering from PTSD. “I’ve contacted the Red Cross and said, ‘Please use this non-invasive therapy.’” She adds, “I think it’s incredibly helpful.” Read the full article here: ...
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I Can’t Thank You Enough

Issues: Anxiousness, Sleeplessness, Alcohol Dependency
I came to Awoken Life with what I felt were several problems and that I knew my general well being was slipping away uncontrollably. I appreciated Mary’s calmness as I described to her a very stressful work environment that overflowed into my personal life. I am thankful for helping me to understand how important the work/life balance is. I love the rewarding work I do however stress had manifested as a Sleep...
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My Life Makes more Sense than Ever

Issues: Sleep Issues, Sadness
As someone who has been traumatized repeatedly over her life, emotionally, physically and through a drug addiction I never thought that I would fully recover and let go of my past. I was initially introduced to brain optimization from a family member and started to research it because there was no way that I was going to do something to my brain without analyzing and feeling comfortable about the process. After my research and actually seeing...
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