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This was a Miracle for Us

Issues: Sleep Issues, Nausea, Anxiousness
Each day has been more and more progressive. This treatment has given my son and all of us a new hope. My son looks happy again and we are all so thankful!...
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New Found Focus & Confidence

Issues: Lack of Focus, Concentration Issues
As a college student diagnosed with both lack of focus & concentration issues I was seeking an alternative to the "traditional methods" for my issues in school. I read an article about Awoken Life and brainwave optimization and was intrigued by the supposed benefits of brain optimization. I scheduled an appointment & met with Mary and Michelle for a consultation and they described the process in great detail. I set an appointment to start...
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Marmalade Magazine 7/2014

An article entitled Opening the Path to Greater Learning featuring the use of Brainwave Optimization™ at Awoken Life to aid kids in learning was featured in the July 2014 issue of Marmalade Magazine. Read the full article here: ...
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A Better Version of Myself

Issues: Concentration, Migraines
Awoken Life provides an amazing opportunity to be a better version of yourself. This is how I feel about the services that Mary provides at Awoken Life. Not only in my physical body did I experience a difference, I experienced a clearing out of my mind. I feel so clear in my thoughts and my body just seems to operate better than before. I highly recommend Awoken Life specifically, because Mary, there is no one else like...
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I Now Feel a Sense of Balance

Issues: Sadness, Focus
It's hard to accurately describe the experience other than "different" and incredibly effective. Thanks to working with Mary and going through the brainwave optimization process I now feel a sense of balance, serenity and overall calmness.....all while the tumultuous world is still spinning around me. I highly recommend Mary and brainwave optimization to anyone seeking a truer and more authentic experience of self and life....
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