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This was a Miracle for Us

Issues: Sleep Issues, Nausea, Anxiousness
Each day has been more and more progressive. This treatment has given my son and all of us a new hope. My son looks happy again and we are all so thankful!...
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Marmalade Magazine 7/2014

An article entitled Opening the Path to Greater Learning featuring the use of Brainwave Optimization™ at Awoken Life to aid kids in learning was featured in the July 2014 issue of Marmalade Magazine. Read the full article here: ...
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Our Family is in Harmony Now

Issues: Lack of Focus, Sleep Issues
Brain Optimization has changed Jesse's life and our entire family! Since he was 5 yrs old he has taken medication for lack of focus, sedated him for school and would bring him down, depressed, angry, frustrated, he couldn't sleep at night, which made it hell in the morning trying to wake him up to do it all over again.. Brain Optimization has greatly reduced all of the negative issues and only brought positive into...
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