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This was a Miracle for Us

Issues: Sleep Issues, Nausea, Anxiousness
Each day has been more and more progressive. This treatment has given my son and all of us a new hope. My son looks happy again and we are all so thankful!...
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I See Results Weekly

Issues: Sleep Issues, Anxiousness
It has been 11 months since I experienced Brain Wave Optimization and I can say I see results weekly. I have a better memory and I am just more focused and clear in my daily life. This does work and you are a wonderful person who truly cares for her patients. Thank you again....
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I Can’t Thank You Enough

Issues: Anxiousness, Sleeplessness, Alcohol Dependency
I came to Awoken Life with what I felt were several problems and that I knew my general well being was slipping away uncontrollably. I appreciated Mary’s calmness as I described to her a very stressful work environment that overflowed into my personal life. I am thankful for helping me to understand how important the work/life balance is. I love the rewarding work I do however stress had manifested as a Sleep...
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Thank You for Renewing my Life

Issues: Sadness, Anxiety, Repetitive Thinking
Awoken Life Brainwave Optimization has changed my life. I have been able to stop taking my depression medicine that I took for over 10 years. I am no longer tired, sad, depressed, I have stopped my anxiety compulsive picking. I no longer drink 3 cans of Coke a day. I am learning more about myself than ever before. I am a new and improved person, able to cope with life, and stressors that happen daily....
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