Have you ever wondered what is in your water?

We can help with that!  Bring in a sample of your drinking water, whether it is tap, or filtered by some means, and we will test it for free to see just how clean it is.

Water is the foundation of life, and we believe you must have a healthy foundation!

Awoken Life is proud to sell Pristine Hydro™ water by the gallon to our clients.

You can purchase gallons at our office for $2 each.

100% Acid Free, Chemical and Fluoride Free, High Alkaline pH, Structured, and Properly Mineralized with a High Magnesium Bicarbonate Content.

The world has struggled to make progress on drinking water. PristineHydro™ is leading the way by providing the only Water Revival Systems in the world. We utilize unprecedented researched knowledge to resolve the serious problems with drinking water, the existence of which most people are completely unaware. Our unique patent pending, environmentally friendly filtration process utilizes an innovative, advanced water filtration and re-mineralization, restructuring, recharging, and reprogramming processes that sets the new standard for acid-free, high-alkaline pH, pristine water.

We believe the water that you drink is the most important component to your health. Since 2005, we’ve perfected water quality by providing the only holistically evaluated Water Revival Systems on the market. They not only remove 100% of all contaminates, including fluoride and acids; they structure and properly re-mineralize the water, which helps neutralize excess acids in the body. This evolved restructuring and re-programming restores water to its original, unspoiled condition. By combining the best technologies, we offer unparalleled water quality that will help your body to heal from within.

Come by and taste the difference for yourself.