Staying at my Best

I normally plan to treat myself to a Brainwave Optimization balancing tune-up at Awoken Life about every six months.
Well, I got busy with so many things, that about a year passed before I finally got in to see Mary and Michelle.  I treated myself to a 4-hour session. 2-hrs with each of them and what a difference it made.

I woke up 2 days later with a terrible toothache, went to the dentist and needed a root canal.
The next day after the root canal, I was focused and had clarity again and got to work on my creative projects with ease.

Along with having Brainwave Optimization sessions, I purchased a B-2 home unit from Brain State Tech, a couple of weeks earlier and could not get out of the stuck on gas mode, until after my Brainwave Optimization sessions and after my dental work.  What a delight to have this technology available for re-balancing our lives without drugs in the comfort of my home.

I’ve written about Awoken Life in my first book – “Forever Young” – Simple alternative, therapies for life, long health, because it works.

Thank you Mary and Michelle

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