Speed Soars after Brainwave Optimization

A. A.
Male, 47 years old
Phoenix, Arizona
Issue: Sports Performance

“I wish to thank you all. I now realize what you did for me. I recently competed in the California 70.3 Ironman in Oceanside. I had done four triathlons, but this was my first Ironman (half). It was a cold and rainy morning on March 18th. I drove out Friday for the 6 a.m. race Saturday. I felt comfortable, confident and trusted my training. Back to the race. I finished in 5:52. I did a quarter Ironman in 2:55 in November. I doubled the distance and reduced the time – a sign of huge fitness gains.

I know Brainwave Optimization has helped me so much…I run eight miles in 63 minutes now. I swim easily 3000 meters without stopping and recently biked 80 miles with no pain. I did the Ironman 56 miles in three hours, the half marathon in two and the 1.2 mile swim in 40 minutes.
I also beat J.R. and four other seasoned Ironman. I could not believe it!”

– Excerpted from actual client comments

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