To Me the Sky is the Limit

K. E.
Issues: Repetitive Thinking

I opened up to Brainwave Optimization because a friend of mine had it done and experienced remarkable results. I didn’t really have any serious problems, such as severe traumas or alcohol or drug problems. I just realized there could be more to life; that there could be a better life for me and there was certainly room for improvement. I saw myself repeating the same relationship problems over and over and hoped that I could somehow resolve past issues that caused these issues.

When I had my assessment it was revealed that I had a small degree of lack of focus among other things that were very personal.  I purchased the Premium Package because I wanted the guided meditations at which Mary is so gifted. Some of her meditations are about forgiving (myself and others), self-acceptance and erasing painful memories from the past. It was a wonderful experience and now the joke is that the two sides of my brain argue all the time. They actually do seem to argue, but at least there is more of a balance in decision making now that the troublemaker side of my brain no longer gets the only vote.

I now see that I am more powerful than I ever thought possible. I am able to think better, solve problems easily and am less affected by stress. One of my new responses to all the crazy chaos and complaining at work is “I don’t care”. I am more balanced and stable. I don’t have more time, but I am so much more efficient that it seems like I have more time.

As far as relationships, I seem to be making better choices. I am more open to letting people into my life and learning from them. There are a lot of things I no longer waste my time doing now, like worrying about things over which I have no control. Sores and cuts heal quicker and I haven’t been sick a day since I finished my Brainwave almost three months ago.

I feel calmer, more balanced and more in control. What a great gift I have given myself. It is like I now have a license to live and that anything is possible. I look forward to the future and any changes that may come my way. To me the sky is the limit. Thank you Mary for guiding me through this wonderful journey.

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