This was a Miracle for Us

Male, 18 yrs. old
Ocean Bach, California
Issues: Lack of Appetite, Sleep Issues, Anxiousness

About 6 months after my son suffered from a bad concussion while playing soccer, he became suddenly ill and was confined to his bed for nearly 4 months.  He could no longer play soccer, go to school, eat normally, or even walk for longer than 5 – 10 minutes.  He has to use a wheelchair for Dr. visits.  After many Dr. and hospital visits, we had no answers.  No one could tell me what was wrong with my child.  He was deteriorating and his body was shutting down, but no one could figure out why or help.  He eventually regained some strength but was still suffering for constant nausea, lack of appetite, fogginess, sleep issues, and anxiousness.  His grandmother found Awoken Life and got him in right away. I am so glad she did!  The very first day of his Optimization, I saw my son eat dinner that night like he was his old self.  Then, the next morning, he woke up more refreshed and alert than he had been for almost a year.  Each day has been more and more progressive. This treatment has given my son and all of us a new hope.  My son looks happy again and we are all so thankful!

Update: 2 months since I wrote this and he is still doing so great! He is hardly ever home now because he is working again and back to hanging out with his friends and staying active with school.  It is so wonderful seeing him back to his old self!


– Excerpted from actual client comments

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