I Now Live in a State of Reality

Cheryl D.
San Clemente, California
Issues: Sadness

The best part of this process was to be able to bring myself to a calm state and focus on me and smooth me over.  I have been able to manage my high anxiousness through the visualizations.  I would highly recommend this to anyone.  This technology may seem odd, but the more you look at it and understand it, the more it makes sense.  If the brain is out of balance, how can it communicate to the rest of the body?  This is a more balanced way of doing things and more holistic.  The value of doing Brainwave Optimization is huge!  I spent a lot more money on a lot dumber things and with this, you aren’t a patient for life.  You get help and then move on with your life.  I now live in a state of reality instead of a state of fear.

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