New Found Focus & Confidence

Lyndcee B.
Laguna Niguel, California
Issues: Lack of Focus, Issues with Comprehension

As a college student dealing with a lack of focus and issues with reading comprehension,  I was seeking an alternative to traditional remedies for these issues. I read an article about Awoken Life and Brainwave Optimization and was intrigued by the supposed benefits of Brain Optimization. I scheduled an appointment & met with Mary and Michelle for a consultation and they described the process in great detail. I set an appointment to start the process immediately. Shortly after my week of Optimization, I started to see great results. Reading and other school work became easier for me, I could retain more information, my anxiousness levels dropped, and I found inner peace within myself. I will be forever grateful to Mary and Michelle for giving me my life back. I’m looking forward to the new school year with my newfound focus & confidence.

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