My Life Makes more Sense than Ever

Hayward, California
Issues: Sleep Issues, Sadness

As someone who has been traumatized repeatedly over her life, emotionally, physically and through a drug addiction I never thought that I would fully recover and let go of my past. I was initially introduced to Brainwave Optimization from a family member and started to research it because there was no way that I was going to do something to my brain without analyzing and feeling comfortable about the process. After my research and actually seeing results firsthand, I knew that it was for me. Initially wanting to do Brainwave Optimization for health benefits, I was sick on a monthly basis and could not sleep without the aid of a sleeping pill it was also revealed during my assessment that I from suffered deep sadness, a lack of focus and the emotional side (right side) of my brain was not communicating efficiently, so that I felt no emotion.

My results from the Brainwave Optimization have exceeded expectations, even during my sessions, I noticed results.  I chose to do the Preferred Package which came with guided visualizations to help me release many of the traumatic memories and events that had haunted me and held me back from living a full life. Mary has a special gift intuitively knowing what a person needs in order to release and will customize the guided visualizations to specific issues. At times during my sessions things did not make sense but by the end of my week long sessions my life made more sense then ever.  Since my Brain Optimization I no longer need help to fall asleep and I am feeling rested because I am able to deeply sleep, I am able to focus better and I now can embrace both feeling and logic on a regular basis since both sides of my brain are  working together. I know that my overall health is better since my sessions because I have more energy and have not been sick since my Brain Optimization. I am looking forward to even more results in the future as the process continues to balance all areas of my brain.

“A woman practices the art of adventure when she heroically faces up to life; When she has the daring to open doors to new experiences and to step boldly forth to explore strange horizons. When she is unafraid of new ideas, new theories and new philosophies.”

– Excerpted from actual client comments

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