Military Man Regains his Life

M. G.
Male, 49 years old
Scottsdale, Arizona
Issue: Severe Traumas

My life contains all the normal stressors; bills, house projects, work, spouse, child, family obligations, etc. In addition, I am also an active military reservist and an Iraqi veteran. I have been in the military since 1988, serving on both active duty and reserves. Since returning from Iraq in April 2004, I have been extremely stressed, hyper-vigilant, anxious and easily set-off to explosive anger. My newfound emotions left my family unhappy, friends confused and work questioning my sanity.

Within the last few months, I knew I was getting closer and closer to a complete stress/anxiousness induced breakdown, or explosion, its hard to say which way it would go. Work also noticed my increased level of stress and anger, scaring some and causing concern among others. My mind was in a constant cycle of thoughts coming and going, impossible to sort, categorize or control. It seemed like a hundred little men were all trying to gain my attention by shoving ideas, concepts or tasks to the front of my mind at the same time. Each little man wanted my complete focus, and as the little man gained my focus, another little man would shove him aside, restarting the cycle.

Since completing Brainwave Optimization, I am able to focus on each task at hand, and the hundred little men have been replaced by one little man, who only gives me one task at a time. I find I am able to focus clearly, my anger has subsided, and I haven’t verbally attacked anyone. My flashbacks and hyper-vigilance have been reduced to a manageable level. I have stopped drinking massive amounts of coffee every morning replacing it with tea. Although this may seem minor to some, I haven’t missed my morning cup of coffee in years. To stop drinking coffee, simply by choice, seemed impossible prior to Brainwave Optimization. I have also reduced or eliminated my nightly alcohol intake. Again, this alcohol reduction is based on my choice, not my past need to slow down the little men in my head or a desire to ward off anxiousness induced sleeplessness.

Additionally, and perhaps most important, I can focus on my wife and son while we are together. Our family time is not shared with work, Iraq, or that deep, dark place that we don’t want revealed to those we love. I truly believe Brainwave Optimization and The Warrior Transition Project have given me back my life.

– Excerpted from actual client comments

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