I Can’t Thank You Enough

San Luis Obispo, California
Issues: Anxiousness, Sleeplessness, Alcohol Dependency

I came to Awoken Life with what I felt were several problems. I knew my general well being was slipping away uncontrollably. I appreciated Mary’s calmness, as I described to her a very stressful work environment, which overflowed into my personal life. I love the rewarding work I do, however, stress had manifested into a sleep disorder, anxiousness and drinking problem, resulting in declining health.

I’m now sitting in my office, an hour into my day, and reveling in this change of state. I’ve been preparing my crew, for the workday, for years and had not noticed my ability to clearly communicate to them, had also been affected by the stressful environment I created. There is now a sense of clarity and confidence that had been missing. I cannot tell you how much more I appreciate the work I do, and my ability to come home each day with energy to keep enjoying my life, my friends and family, without the worry of my job. I’m sure my employer and crew appreciate my change in state also.

It’s been nearly 6 months since my Optimization at Awoken Life and I’m quite pleased with not only huge improvements regarding stress reduction but my eyesight has improved, my alcohol intake has been put in check and my energy level has increased giving way to a more active lifestyle. I can’t thank you enough.

– Excerpted from actual client comments

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