Awoken Life ‘Rocked my World’

S. H.
Laguna Beach, California
Issue: Traumas, Sleep Issues

I had been suffering from deep traumas for seven years. Some of my symptoms were: Terrible sleeplessness, a very bad case of ringing in the ears, facial pain, could not type on my computer for very long without being completely exhausted and making mistakes with my typing. Could not read a book more than a couple of pages at a time and not remembering what I had read. My brain would go into a complete state of anxiousness without any reason whatsoever.  The caliber and quality of my life was spiraling down terribly. No one knew this. A few people who did, could not comprehend what I was trying to describe to them. Because of all these maladies, I was under a doctor’s care. I was prescribed two medications that were very addictive. I was doomed if I did not take the medication and I was doomed by taking the medication. When Mary McPherson told me of Brain State Technologies and explained what Brainwave Optimization was, I knew right then that this was the answer to my prayers. Finally a way to heal all the pain and trauma that I incurred over the past several years. Now I can lie down and go to sleep quickly and get a good night’s rest. I am now a morning person. Never have I ever been a morning person.  No more facial pain. No more ringing in the ears-the very loud high pitch metallic piercing noise sounds like there is a wet blanket over it. I know in time it will quiet down a lot more. I have a better caliber of life now than I ever have had. A friend asked me whether this had, “Changed My Life” or “Rocked My World.” I would have to go with, “Rocked My World.” Since having Brainwave Optimization, I have been so inspired to help other women all over the world, that I have started my own non-profit to work with women who are suffering from severe traumas. This is an “ugly” disease and I have dedicated my life to help other women and young girls to be able to integrate back within themselves.

– Excerpted from actual client comments

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