Anxiousness and Emotional Stress

My work with Awoken Life and specifically with Mary and Michelle has been so helpful.  I was feeling my own weight of anxiousness and emotional stress that had evolved over the past number of years of trying times professionally and personally.  I can now report that after the Optimization at Awoken Life I am doing quite well-actually more than well.  In fact, so much better than in a very long time.  It’s almost scary feeling like myself again since the road had been so long and tough to endure.  I am so glad I was led to meet Mary and Michelle at Awoken Life’s doorstep.  I cannot thank them both enough nor can I overemphasize the value of seeking this service for those not feeling and doing their best, only suffering quietly in hopelessness daily.  For those people, I can say that relief is right around the corner…if we can only extend ourselves and try this option when others haven’t worked or no longer work.  I am grateful for this technology and the change in me.

– R. A.


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