What to Expect as a Client

Our goal is to help our clients have a relaxing and transformative experience.  Clients can expect to have expert attention, with explanations at every step of the process and satisfying results.


The assessment is the first step in the brain training process.  A  brain assessment allows us to see individual patterns of energy within your brain.

Using non-invasive Intellisensors™, we will collect data from seven areas of the brain, while the brain is at rest (sitting quietly when your eyes closed) and on task (example: reading aloud).  This data is processed together with the objective survey to generate protocols that we will use to help balance the energy patterns in your brain.

Pre-Session Discussion

We will review information gathered from your assessment and discuss with you the results of your assessment, your goals, and how we will work together to achieve those goals.


Each 90-minute brain training session will consist of implementing five-to-seven protocols that are designed specifically for you, to help balance your brain. The  brain technologist will place the Intellisensors at various places on your head, and you will be given ear phones. During each protocol, you will listen to your own brainwaves converted into musical notes, as well as other sounds meant to encourage the brain towards a more balanced state.

What to expect

OfficeEach session is conducted in a private, comfortable, quiet room. This private room has a small desk and chair for the  brain technologist, and a very comfortable anti-gravity chair for you.  Some of the protocols are run while you sit upright and keep your eyes open. During other protocols, we will ask that you recline your chair and close your eyes. During all sessions, we will encourage you to remain as relaxed as possible, without falling asleep.  In this relaxed state, your brain can receive and process information more easily.

Generally, people have more profound changes in between their sessions, as the brain works with the new information it has been given. So it is important to keep us informed about your daily experiences, including how you are sleeping.  Your daily report provides the information we need to understand how you are responding.  The information you provide helps us fine-tune and adjust the protocols throughout your brain training sessions.

Many of our clients find it helpful to take notes or keep a journal beginning with your first day of training and continuing for one month after completion.  These journal entries can provide you with an ongoing record of your thoughts, emotions and awareness’s – helping you track your own progress.

Completing Brainwave Optimization

At the end of your last session, your  brain technologist will meet with you to review your progress from start to finish. You will receive a packet of information that includes graphs that illustrate the progress from the time you began brain training until your last session, a Wave Aid CD of nature sounds that you chose during Optimization that will reinforce the connections made during your sessions and will help to relax your brain in the comfort of your own home.

Many people notice the most significant changes two to three weeks after completing their training.  Results are generally subtle at first, and then they build over time.  In order for us to track your progress, we will ask that you keep us updated as to your experience and call with any questions you might have.

In the News

Research & Proven Results


“After my sessions I am now sleeping better than I ever have, and I am happy to say that my irritability / anger has decreased significantly. The anxiety I previously experienced is now in my control, meaning that I understand my own frustrations and can take effective measures to resolve issues, minimizing stress and anxiety. The best part of the technology is that I never had to mention a thing about my combat experiences as this is not a “talk” solution. I am truly thankful to BST for all the relief this training has brought to me and my family.” – SGT. D.F.